The ColorText Brain Teaser

This is based on a little brain teaser i found posted on a wall at Murchison Middle School, in Austin, Texas, USA. The point is to say the name of the color of each word, and not the color named by the word. So if you saw Blue you would say "Red". I strongly recommend you do this aloud in front of someone who can see the page and check you. You're likely not to notice when you make a mistake. Just press your browser's "reload" button to make a new puzzle.

White Red White Red Green Purple Red
White Red White Red Gray Orange Pink
White Orange Purple Pink Orange Pink Green
Gray Pink Purple Blue Pink Red Blue
Yellow Blue Pink Blue Purple Pink White
Pink Yellow White Green Orange White Orange
Blue White Red Pink Purple Orange Yellow
Orange Purple Blue Purple Blue White Gray
Orange Purple Blue Yellow Pink Gray Blue
Purple Blue White Purple Orange Blue Green

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