The Shakepeareisms Page

Roughly, a shakespeareism is a word or phrase in common usage that was coined by William Shakespeare. It's said that as many as 1 in 10 of all words he used in his writings, he created. (Tho this may seem huge, keep in mind that, in any given body of English writing large enough for statistics analysis, a small number of words make up most of the document.)
See the wonderful Complete Works of William Shakespeare, into which the reference links below point.
I'll be adding to this as i find them, and you're certainly welcome to mail me at with suggestions.


barefaced, critical, leapfrog, monumental, castigate, majestic, obscene, frugal, radiance, dwindle, countless, submerged, excellent, fretful, gust, hint, hurry, lonely, summit, pedant


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