A Congress of Baboons?

This was sent to me by Matthew Lena. While the derivation seems to be erroneous, that's as good a reason as any other.

>From LIBRARY@HARVARDA.HARVARD.EDUThu Mar 21 00:17:59 1996
>Date: Thu, 21 MAR 96 00:15:26
>%YEAR: 1965
>%AUTHOR: International Symposium on the Baboon and Its Use as an Experimental
>Animal (1st: 1963: San Antonio)
>%TITLE: The baboon in medical research; proceedings.
>%PUB. INFO: Austin, Published for the Southwest Foundation for Research and
>Education [by] University of Texas Press [1965-67]
>%SUBJECTS: Baboons--Congresses. \ Baboons as laboratory animals--Congresses.
matthew lena

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