Who is Ojophoyimbo?

Full name: Phillip Miller Eberz
Birthdate: 1/12/71 (be sure to check my wish list!)
City of Residence: Round Rock, Texas, USA
Work History: (see my HTML resume)

Recent Events:


I'm a programmer, an engineer, a web designer. I develop computer games in my spare time. I enjoy spending time with my friends, of course. I've made an explanation of my nickname, "Ojophoyimbo", or "ojo", available.

My most popular website is The Collective Noun Page, part of The Linguistic Fun Site. I'm recently fond of my favorite names page. Should yours be there?

My interests are Mathematics, Linguistics, Computer Programming, Web development, Physics, Technology... lotsa stuff. I enjoy Red Dwarf and Monty Python (esp. the later work of its individuals, e.g. A Fish Called Wanda), juggling at the Texas Juggling Society, flying (especially experimental aircraft), studying Kung Fu and T'ai Chi, sky-diving, rock-climbing, cliff-diving, rollerblading, disc golf, wine collecting and homebrewing, dancing, my pets (mostly reptiles), IRCing, surfing the net, and 4,375 other things. Everything else I hate with a passion.

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